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Connecting With Lost Memories

Rachel Arbuckle | 8th July, 2020 | 2 Mins Read

Connecting With Lost Memories

I returned from a client appointment and unloaded the boxes and bags that had been tucked away for years, quietly storing decades of memories. As I opened each box, my excitement and curiosity grew. I really do get excited knowing we have the opportunity to preserve this family's story. I debriefed the team on Barbara's goals and our plan to achieve them. Before we dive into each project, we get to know the client and family as much as possible. This, of course, helps us with organizing, but we also develop a connection with the client.

As we worked our way through the boxes, the intense love between Barbara and her husband was evident. We shared memories of their early years of young love, celebrated birthdays and trips with their children, and later, grandchildren. We also felt a tremendous loss when Barbara's husband passed away.

Little Did We Know We Were In For a Surprise

On one occasion, while I was sorting through photos and memorabilia, grouping them by date and event, I came across a handwritten note. It simply read, "I love you always and forever!" I knew immediately the handwriting was that of Barbara's husband. I set it aside and brought it with me to our next meeting. I could see the tears of joy in her eyes as she stared at the note, her husband seeming to speak to her again in that moment. We both cried and hugged while she shared stories of how he showed his love in fun, little ways regularly.

During the business of life, it is easy to become disconnected from these memories, and with each passing year, life seems to move faster and faster. One of my favorite outcomes of photo organizing is bringing joy to families and reconnecting them with lost memories.

We would love to connect you with your hidden treasures and lost memories! Set up a free phone consultation today.

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