Peek Inside Our World

The Process

The process to organize your collection of photos and memorabilia is often as unique as the memories that created them. Our process:

  • we carefully listen to you so that we can thoroughly understand how you want your photos and memorabilia to be organized
  • after you provide our team with your collection of photos or memorabilia, we will meticulously organize it for you according to your wishes
  • eventually, you can enjoy a great collection of photos and memorabilia that you can share with your family and friends and pass down from generation to generation

Three Ways We Develop Your Collection


1. Photo Organizing

We sort through every photo and make sense of them by separating the ones that tell your story from the ones that don't.

  • Sort Chronologically
  • Sort by Event
  • Apply Facial Recognition and Descriptive Filenames
  • Sort Memorabilia (Letters/Cards, Children's Artwork, Report Cards...)
  • Prepare for Digitizing
  • Protect and Preserve


2. Scanning and Digitizing

Photos are scanned and saved in a system so you can share with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We scan at a high resolution and photos can be tagged so they can be found quickly and easily. This is especially useful for older, delicate photos and for ensuring your entire collection is safe from disaster.


3. Home Movie Transfer

Old film reels, VHS tapes, and video camera recordings are converted into a current format.

Your kids won’t believe how young everyone was! You will hear the voices you thought you would never hear again. Preserve these important moving images from the effects of time and outdated technology.

*Photo books are available for any and all occasions.