2000 Paces Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Absolutely! We work with clients across the United States helping organize and preserve precious memories.

We can help you figure out how to get your photo project started.

We can help reduce the anxiety you may have regarding the safety of your photo collection and the guilt some experience about not doing anything with their photos.

We can help you share your memories with friends and family across the globe.

We can work with you to develop a system to keep your photos organized.

Simply contact us to set up a phone or in-home consultation. We will discuss your goals for your collection of photos and how we can achieve those goals!

The process of organizing your photos is as unique as the memories attached to them; therefore, it can be difficult to determine how much time is needed to complete each project. We will update on your project throughout the process and ensure you are comfortable with how it is moving forward.

A Personal Photo Organizer possesses a multitude of responsibilities and titles. We are your coach, your helper, your archivist, your technician and your listener. The extent to which we focus on each responsibility is solely based on your goals regarding memory preservation and how we can help you achieve those goals with the least amount of anxiety.

Digital Photo Organizing

Yes, we can! We have created processes to safely access and download your photo and video memories from a variety of online and physical sources.

We can transfer photos, videos and documents from a number of media devices including: CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, memory cards and floppy disks. Evaluating and consolidating files from a variety of sources ensures you can enjoy a comprehensive collection with the peace of mind that there aren’t additional memories hiding on these devices.


We recognize that a lot of time and love contributes to the design and creation of a scrapbook. Digitizing these precious books ensures that even if they are damaged, the story created in them can be printed onto a photo book, and preserved for years to come.

Many companies digitize photos at 300 DPI as their standard and charge extra to scan at 600 DPI, which provides a higher resolution and better result for your photos. We, however, do not charge extra to scan your photos at 600 DPI as we believe your collection of photos deserves a better result!

All of our digitizing (scanning) is done in our office providing you peace of mind that your important photos will not be lost in the mail.

We can digitize slides and negatives of a variety of sizes.

Digitizing (scanning) at 600 DPI (dots per inch) means your photos will be digitized and preserved at a high quality. A benefit of scanning at 600 DPI is the ability to create new prints, enlargements, and photo products such as photo books.

Digitizing photos, slides, negatives and memorabilia refers to the process of converting a physical image into a digital format that can be viewed, stored and shared on various devices or online. We currently use two commercial-grade, traditional Photo Scanners and a professional, Camera Scanning setup.

Camera Scanning uses a DSLR camera to capture a photo, negative, slide, scrapbook or other item into a digital format that can be viewed, stored and shared on various devices or online. When done correctly, these scans provide a high-quality result. Additionally, it is the best way to scan large items such as scrapbooks and oversized art and delicate items, such as love letters or much older photos that should not be fed through a traditional photo scanner.

Photo Books

We will make it easy for you! We will create and send you a unique, privacy-protected link that will enable you to easily upload your photos and letters directly to us from your computer or phone. You can also share this link with your family and friends who will be included in the book so they can upload directly to us. You have enough on your plate - let us help.

We offer digitizing services and can scan your photos, letters, slides or negatives. Most letters and photos are $0.49 each.

We offer a variety of cover options, including: leather, linen, custom image, and acrylic.

Absolutely! We will send you a digital copy of the book for review and approval. You will also receive up to two rounds of edits, if needed.

Home Movie and Audio Transfer

We sure can! When video cameras were popular, it was much more cumbersome to record each event on a new tape. Therefore, we often come across home movie tapes that have captured multiple events. We have software that enables us to create multiple, shorter clips based on events. Each clip is saved as a unique, named digital file.

We can transfer home movies and audio currently stored on a variety of formats including:

  • Film Reels
  • VHS Tapes
  • VHS-C Tapes
  • Hi-8 and Digital 8 Tapes
  • MiniDV
  • Beta
  • Tape Cassettes
  • Microcassettes