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Mission Statement : To provide authentic, compassionate solutions to transform the chaos of photos and memorabilia into an organized, preserved collection that can be easily shared and enjoyed for generations.

Most of us have at least a few shoeboxes, legal boxes, or maybe even an attic of treasured, but haphazardly placed, family photos, memorabilia, home videos stored on outdated media, hard drives, and unsorted duplicate prints. At 2000 Paces:

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  • We Organize your print photos, digital photos, and memorabilia.
  • We Digitize photos, memorabilia, video tapes, film reels, and slides.
  • We Create photo books, photo slideshows, and movies.
  • We Teach classes so you can work on your collection.
  • Speaking Events hosted by Rachel Arbuckle, a certified member of The Photo Managers. Rachel is recognized as a leader in her industry and shares her entrepreneurial approach, tips, and industry-perspective among colleagues, and local businesses.
Peek Inside Our World



without digging through piles of photo albums and boxes or scrolling endlessly through your phone.

Photo Organizing Projects: Bringing Memories Back to Life

Family Legacy: We helped a client preserve decades of family memories hidden away in boxes. We created personalized photo books for her children and grandchildren, digitized all photos, and provided a user-friendly storage solution with online access.

Multi-Media Memories: We transformed a collection of scrapbooks, calendars, photos, and videos from various formats. We digitized everything, including scrapbooks and videotapes, creating easily accessible digital copies. We also organized photos by date and event and set up two personalized photo websites for a mother and daughter.

Digital Detox: We tackled a disorganized collection spread across hard drives, memory cards, photo albums, and videotapes. We digitized all printed photos, slides, and videotapes. We consolidated photos from multiple Apple Libraries, removed duplicates, and renamed files for easy searching. We then backed up the organized collection online and provided labeled storage solutions for the remaining physical items.

2000Paces projects

Certified Professional Photo Organizers

Certification Certification Certification Certification Certification

The Team at 2000 Paces Photo Organizing

Rachel Arbuckle and her team of photo organizers work with clients to preserve photo and video memories. When fire season hits, 2000 Paces Photo Organizing clients feel relieved knowing their irreplaceable memories are organized and easily accessed in one place and safely backed up online. It may be a fire, a life milestone, a loss, or a move that triggers it, but organizing your photos into one location that is readily available to view and share is the key to feeling comfortable and confident that your memories are safe.

Rachel Arbuckle

Rachel Arbuckle, Founder

In 2014, a series of fierce fires roared through San Diego County, the largest of which started on the mountain just behind my home. My instinct was to gather all of our photos, but I panicked when I realized my precious memories were all over our home in boxes, picture frames, and albums. This experience not only solidified my commitment to protect my family’s collection of photos but prompted me to found 2000 Paces Photo Organizing, encouraging you to organize and protect your important memories.


Makenna, Operations Manager

I'm Makenna, a Business Administration graduate from Liberty University. My career journey has been diverse, filled with experiences in different small businesses, where I honed my skills in operations management. Photography holds a special place in my heart, thanks to my dad, who was a dedicated photographer and creative. Since his passing in 2014, a shoebox packed with his photographs has become one of my most cherished possessions. This profound appreciation for preserving photos fuels my dedication to assisting clients in doing the same, ensuring that our clients' memories endure for generations to come.


Denise, Digitizing Department Head

Hello! My name is Denise and I studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After many years of being in front of the camera for family events, I decided it was time to step behind the camera. I wanted to help my family create and preserve these memories. One of my favorite things growing up was going through photo albums and hearing stories that lead to these photos. I am excited to be able to help our clients preserve their stories for future generations to enjoy.

david photo

David, Print Organizing Department Head

My name is David and I graduated from California State University San Marcos with a degree in Arts & Media Design. I have always had an affinity towards photos and photography, whether I am taking photos with my Canon or expanding my collection of vintage camera and filming equipment. I am excited to help you preserve your memories through our organizing and digitizing services here at 2000 Paces.


Shelby, Photo Book Designer

My name is Shelby and I discovered my passion for visual communication while studying Art, Media, and Design locally at California State University San Marcos. I have worked extensively as a graphic designer and photographer and I truly enjoy applying my digital expertise to creative projects at 2000 Paces. When I am off of the computer, you will likely find me surfing one of Southern California’s many beautiful beaches.


Christian, Digitial Organizing Department Head

My name is Christian. Going through the family albums is something I have always enjoyed doing. I took the initiative to digitally archive our photos so we can continue to share and enjoy them with peace of mind. I'm glad to have the opportunity to do this for others. Outside of work, you can catch me photographing the streets of San Diego with my vintage camera.


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