Testimonials From Our Clients

testimonial from Vance

I used to have photos everywhere. It was making me crazy. Photos are our treasures. Memories are our lives, our journeys. All my photos being organized lifted a weight off my chest. 2000Paces made everything remarkably easy. They were kind and considerate. I highly recommend their services.

testimonial from Shelby

I had over 25 thousand photos on my phone. I also had boxes and boxes of loose photos and it was overwhelming. Rachel and her team took all of my photos and created a beautiful photo box which is labeled and organized. I am so thankful for Rachel's services and tell everyone about her.

testimonial from Bob and Nancy S.

We had approximately 6000 photos throughout our house and thanks to Rachel, the organizing process is a lot easier and we can see the pictures on our phone, so we’re really happy with the way she organized our photos.

Bob and Nancy S.
testimonial from Julie D.

I hired you guys because this is not my thing. I needed help with this. I had never really done a job of proper organizing for my whole life. It's such a peace of mind having them all in one place, easily accessible and organized. I can't even explain what these mean to me.

Julie D.
testimonial from Xiomara B.

I have been trying to tackle my photos for 2 and a half years. I have over 40-50 albums to put them in bags, but we never got to organize them properly. When I ran into Rachel, and her company, I literally came here the next day and I just dropped these off and I feel so relieved.

Xiomara B.
testimonial from Lynn

This is exactly what I needed, for somebody to take this over for me, cause I just can't. So 2000 Paces basically took our videotapes and converted them to digital and I have been watching them...:-)

testimonial from Laurie & Mary

Rachel, she took all of our photos and with her team she organized them, she put them on a hard drive for us as well as on a website, so we had two different ways to have our photos saved. I highly recommend Rachel, if you feel overwhelmed with all your photos.

Laurie & Mary
testimonial from Valerie  B.

You are the easiest company to work with, you do what you say you're gonna do, you do it exactly as you said you're gonna do it, only better, and you do it when you say you're gonna do it. You're more competent than you say you are.

Valerie B.

Great quality and service. They created beautiful high resolution digital scans of about a dozen very old family photos. Their scan of one small 3 inch wide 74 year old photo was so good that I was able to create beautiful highly detailed 8 x 10 enlargements to share with family.

Loring H.

Rachel and her team are amazing to work with. Our organization was celebrating our Centennial last year and she took photos in so many diverse formats and turned them into a sustainable and accessible resource for our organization. I can rate her high enough. I highly encourage you to use 2000 Paces Photo Organizing.

Bret S.

Rachel and her team are amazing to work with. Right from the start, their service and professionalism made me comfortable entrusting them with our family's precious memories. Their work was incredible and customer service was over-the-top. All of our interactions truly made me feel special. Thank you, Rachel and Team!

Jani J.

Rachel and her amazing team provided a 5 star experience from the moment I walked into their welcoming office! They are the Nordstrom of photo organizing and offer white glove service, to handle our most precious memories! Professionalism, kindness, and genuine interest were infused in every step of the way! Rachel and I had so much fun reviewing my albums, I left there knowing I had made a new friend. The process was easy, efficient, and gave me a serene peace of mind knowing I have every magical moment preserved!

Margaret M.

Rachel is one of the most dedicated professionals I know, and I can personally vouch for her commitment in providing the very best for her clients. It’s rare to find someone who genuinely cares as much as Rachel does, and that translates to a customer experience that is joyful, reassuring, and transparent. From start to finish, she patiently walks clients through each step of the process, and offers guidance on the right solutions for each project. I can highly recommend her business for all of your photo organizing needs.

Caroline G.

Awesome ideas executed with passion and perfection. This is a wonderful way to protect your precious photos & videos AND allow then to be shared via your own private webpage. Love these guys. Very professional.

Chris R.

After quite some time knowing of 2000 Paces through the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, I was never completely sure if/ when I could use their services. Then time began winding down on my daughter graduating high school. I had been collecting quotes that I wanted to share with my her, and wanted to write a high quality book for her, not just as a reference, but also as a journal. I felt that my idea was too unique to use just any online service to make it happen. But I took a long shot and reached out to Rachel. She quickly understood what I was going for and assured me that 2000 Paces could make it happen! Bottom line... GREAT SUCCESS!

Zeke C.

I was dreading digitally organizing my photos and videos from 30+ years. I had my items scattered in various places, and my videos were still on tapes. 2000 Paces made it easy for me. After I sent them the information, I didn’t have to do anything until the process was completed. The training on how to access the photos and videos was very helpful. The team was always responsive and patient with me. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone!

Karen A.

Thank you so much guys! Everyone was great from start to finish, and the final project is absolutely amazing! With the history all in one central location and web access, my entire family can view print and collect photos that have been unseen in generations. Words are not enough...See their results! I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone!

Edward H.

The team at 2000 Paces did an AMAZING job of sorting through my dad's genealogy binders, old data disks, digital photos, slide reels, etc. that I have been hauling around for YEARS and created a system where I can access all of the information in an easy to use central location and share the data easily with my family and friends. I recommend them to anyone who needs to catalogue any genealogical information or put together a central system to organize photos and life events!

Beth W.

The team at 2000 Paces Photo Organizing is exceptional and wonderful. Photo organizing is so overwhelming and Rachel and her team made it feel manageable and do-able. They were always cheerful and can-do about their work, which I feel is so valuable. I highly recommend bringing 2000 Paces on board to help you organize and preserve your memories.

Mary Beth A.

For 60 years, I have been the steward of my family’s historical documents, stories, and memorabilia. I always meant to do something “someday,” but never did. That someday finally came the day I met Rachel. She and her team rebuilt the family tree that had been lost, preserved the WW2 scrapbooks, digitized the old photos and slides, and allowed me to share it all on a website. My whole family is thrilled with the results, and I am overcome with relief. Thank you, Rachel!

Peter G.

I found this organization by pure accident when searching for someone to fix an old photo I had. I had just lost my mother and was stressed dealing with that, but wanted to create a memorial album. I'm not a creative type, so I was struggling for several weeks. I could find no one to fix my picture, which I needed for the cover of the album! I contacted them and the rest is history. They are all professional and very talented. Rachel was fantastic! I was amazed at what she was able to do with designing the album and fixing that picture! 

Penny C.

Rachel and her team did an amazing job organizing, scanning, and safekeeping my mother's memories. We are grateful for all of their hard work and diligence, and highly recommend their services!

Pat Y. M.

Rachel and her team did a WONDERFUL job organizing our many boxes of photos and videos. I wanted to be sure that my photos and videos were well organized so future generations could enjoy them and would have a history of our family to follow. Rachel and her team certainly accomplished my goals.

Judith B.

Rachel and her team were excellent! They cleaned up, pared down, organized, and then taught me how to do the same so I don't get swallowed up by a sea of digital photos. I am so happy and relieved to have a quick and efficient way to share and view photos from any year- at any moment.

Casey G.

2000 Paces is an absolute Godsend! We had tens of thousands of photos floating around on a variety of devices. We didn’t have the time or the expertise to organize our pictures and videos. We found this company and they delivered MUCH MORE than we ever expected! We are now able to access all of our photos (digital and print!) in a single online database. We are going through pictures and videos we completely forgot about! It’s been such a special trip down memory lane ever since we gained organized access to ALL of our special photos and videos!

Lindsey F. H.

I can’t say enough great things about my experience working with 2000 Paces to bring my family’s “Coronavirus Chronicles” photo book to life. Long story short, the entire experience felt “Tiffany” - from service, to quality, to presentation, to how they stand behind their product. The only thing missing was the blue box and white ribbon! 2000 Paces made it feel like Christmas in August in my home! I am forever grateful.

Eboni W.

I found 2000 Paces via Siri on my phone. I was searching for someone who could help me with an older video camera that had the tape stuck in it. I soon had an appointment to bring the camera into the office andI was so happy to meet with Rachael, the owner. Although this was not their expertise, she was determined to assist me with resolving this issue. Give them a try.....You will be thrilled at how many ways they can help you with your pictures!!!

Carlene W.

Rachel put together a slideshow for our banquet and to say I was blown away would be an understatements. She did an amazing job and perfectly summarized our season in something my girls will be able to looks back on for years. Highly recommend her services for anyone interested! Very quick to respond and passionate about her work. Thank you Rachel!!

Kaitlyn S.

Rachel and her team at 2000 Paces went above and beyond our expectations. She was extremely professional and efficient, all the while making our experience feel very personal. Her dedication and care in her efforts to organize decades of photos was clear from day 1. That dedication and care never waivered or diminished. Rachel is honest, hardworking, well-educated, reliable and fun! I wouldn't trust anyone else with our most prized possessions. She gave us a gift that will forever be cherished!

Lis D.

My story is likely not unique but it created much stress for me as my kids grew and my memories were a jumbled mess. Different phones, different computers, DropBox, TeamSnap, Shutterfly... you name it - we likely had pics there! Meeting with Rachel and learning about 2000Paces was the answer to my prayers and the relief to my ongoing stress and frustration! I now simply pull up my 'smugmug' account and wala - I find what memory I am looking for.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND making this investment in your memories!!!

Rachel M.

We needed help organizing the thousands of digital photos we had of our kids over the years that were on several different devices (phones, memory cards, etc). Rachel and her team made the process easy and we now have all our photos organized on a hard drive and website that makes it so easy to locate photos in an organized way. I also have peace of mind if we have to evacuate due to a fire, etc. that all our photos are saved on one hard drive that can be grabbed easily! A priceless investment! I highly recommend this company!

Laurie M.

If you are looking for a way to preserve memories in the highest of quality- you've found the right spot. Working with Rachel and her team, is not only fun but it's easy. They walk you through the process from start to finish and help set expectations along the way. The best part of working with Rachel is she really understands how much these memories mean to you( and your family) and takes the time to understand the end goal. The team is patient, kind and masters at their craft.

Blake E.

The work that Rachel Arbuckle and 2000 Paces has done is incredibly helpful to me. She combined a dozen videos and edited them to a single video, which I was able to give to my kids for Christmas. Then she went through 50 years and 8 bins of pictures and memorabilia and digitized them to a smugmug account, so I could pull out pictures of certain family members for various celebrations. 2000 Paces in San Marcos are the ultimate professionals, taking care of my most precious memories, turning priceless chaos into an organized photographic memoir.

Laura R.

I have such a fear of losing my photos after all of the fires we’ve experienced in San Marcos! When I met Rachel at 2000 Paces and learned she has an Introduction to Photo Organizing I was so happy to attend! During the class Rachel really made me open my eyes to realize that I had photos in many different places that I wasn’t thinking about. I’m so thankful she gave me a roadmap and got me motivated to get moving on this super important part of my life!

Kristin B.

I had generations of photos when I met Rachel. They were in boxes, bags, albums, undeveloped film, you name it. Stacked in the garage and deep in closets for years, I’d inherited many of them and had no idea what was in most of them. Rachel is making sense of it all, putting the family pictures together (and the family tree) in a way they can can be enjoyed for generations to come. The staff, although I’ve never met them, must also be exceptional because they work with a caring spirit. It’s obvious when you see the work product.

Valerie T.


I didn’t know how to start but wanted to finish and be able to distribute the photographs and make sure everybody knew where the family came from.

I had generations of photos in boxes and bags and I didn’t even know what was in them. I had probably a good hundred years' worth of photographs. Not only do I want to protect them but I want my children to be able to pass them down through their children and grandchildren. There aren’t very many people who do the quality of work you do. I would give you ten stars not five. You have impeccable integrity.

Valerie T.