Testimonials From Our Clients

testimonial from Vance

I used to have photos everywhere. It was making me crazy. Photos are our treasures. Memories are our lives, our journeys. All my photos being organized lifted a weight off my chest. 2000Paces made everything remarkably easy. They were kind and considerate. I highly recommend their services.

testimonial from Shelby

I had over 25 thousand photos on my phone. I also had boxes and boxes of loose photos and it was overwhelming. Rachel and her team took all of my photos and created a beautiful photo box which is labeled and organized. I am so thankful for Rachel's services and tell everyone about her.

testimonial from Bob and Nancy S.

We had approximately 6000 photos throughout our house and thanks to Rachel, the organizing process is a lot easier and we can see the pictures on our phone, so we’re really happy with the way she organized our photos.

Bob and Nancy S.
testimonial from Julie D.

I hired you guys because this is not my thing. I needed help with this. I had never really done a job of proper organizing for my whole life. It's such a peace of mind having them all in one place, easily accessible and organized. I can't even explain what these mean to me.

Julie D.
testimonial from Xiomara B.

I have been trying to tackle my photos for 2 and a half years. I have over 40-50 albums to put them in bags, but we never got to organize them properly. When I ran into Rachel, and her company, I literally came here the next day and I just dropped these off and I feel so relieved.

Xiomara B.
testimonial from Lynn

This is exactly what I needed, for somebody to take this over for me, cause I just can't. So 2000 Paces basically took our videotapes and converted them to digital and I have been watching them...:-)

testimonial from Laurie & Mary

Rachel, she took all of our photos and with her team she organized them, she put them on a hard drive for us as well as on a website, so we had two different ways to have our photos saved. I highly recommend Rachel, if you feel overwhelmed with all your photos.

Laurie & Mary
testimonial from Valerie  B.

You are the easiest company to work with, you do what you say you're gonna do, you do it exactly as you said you're gonna do it, only better, and you do it when you say you're gonna do it. You're more competent than you say you are.

Valerie B.