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Overcoming the Overwhelming and Preserving Your Photo Collection

Rachel Arbuckle | 8th March, 2024 | 3 Mins Read

Overcoming the Overwhelming and Preserving Your Photo Collection

With the thousands of photos you have, it's overwhelming just thinking about organizing them. No one wants to admit it, but...

Our Memories Become a Burden

You could sit down every weekend for months with photos scattered on the table, trying to get them organized. Because you saved them to actually look at and enjoy them, right? You've lived life to the fullest. Your parents and grandparents lived lives you can't even imagine.

Wanting to keep those memories alive and pass them down is important because it's your history, your legacy. It's a story worth telling and preserving. And right now it's a jumbled, chaotic mess. When you sit down to tackle the piles, you get stuck because there's no starting point and you get lost.

There Are Photos From Childhood

And the pile grows bigger every single day. There are:

  • The black and white images of relatives you never met.
  • Polaroids of gap-toothed grins, cherished pets, family road trips, and adventures with friends.
  • First jobs, first houses, and first steps. Professional wedding photos and the kids' school pictures.
  • Dance recitals, birthday parties, and Halloween.

With a camera in our pocket, it's so easy to snap more and more images as we document the joy that makes up our lives. There's so little time and so much to figure out:

  • How do I sort them?
  • What system do I use to make sure I can find what I'm looking for?
  • What storage boxes are best? How do I back them up properly?
  • How do I find out when these photos were taken?
  • Where do I put all the duplicates?
  • Can I consolidate slides, prints, CD files, and pictures on my phone?
  • What software do I need, and what if technology changes in the future?
  • How can I share everything with my family across the country?
  • What do I do with memorabilia? What's the best way to label and organize?

And forget about buying all the equipment to scan delicate photos or convert old videos.

Everything Could Be Lost

If you're like me, you might be devastated to lose them if you have to leave them behind in a fire, flood, or disaster.

When my family was evacuated because of a wildfire, I didn't have time to gather up all of my photos because they were a scattered mess. Amidst the chaos, the realization struck like lightning - cherished memories, captured in scattered photographs, remained behind, vulnerable to the merciless flames. I lost sleep every night, worrying our memories were gone.

How I Organized and Safeguarded My Memories, and How I Can Help You Do the Same

When our home was spared, I created a process to get my photos and videos organized and backed up so I would never worry again.

I vowed to stop procrastinating and get this important project tackled once and for all.

But buying a bunch of little photo boxes with dividers wasn't making it any easier.

I wanted:

  • To get rid of all the "junk."
  • To sort it in a way that made sense.
  • To make sure I could find a specific picture quickly.
  • Everything to be preserved and protected.
  • Everything to be backed up at home and online.
  • To be able to make photo books or frame prints quickly.
  • To be able to enjoy my memories with family and friends.
  • A quality collection of images in an organized, neat package that was shareable and safe from time and disaster.

After months spent learning the best methods and developing a strategy to conquer the mountains of material, I got what I wanted. Now, I'm here to help you, too.

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