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How the Idea of Photo Organizing Started

Rachel Arbuckle | 28th January, 2020 | 3 Mins Read

How the Idea of Photo Organizing Started

Throughout our lifetime, we accumulate a lot of memorabilia, be it souvenirs, pictures, home videos or letters.

We hold them very dear to our hearts because it reminds us of the places we've visited, the fun moments we had with people close to us or simply because sometimes, we just want to remember the small things that give us joy.

Photo Organizing is a concept that aims at making things simpler for people with loads of beautiful memories.

By that, we mean all those moments in their life immortalized in pictures or videos. And the reason behind why we started a service like this is much more than just our love for organizing!

How 2000 Paces Was Born

Rachel Arbuckle is the Chief Memory Preservation Consultant & Owner. She is the mastermind and your coach, helper, archivist, technician, and listener. She understands how daunting these projects can be and felt the need to develop a business that first listens to your needs and then works on a strategy to make your goals become a reality.

It all started with a fire for Rachel. In May 2014, multiple fires ripped through San Diego County. One of them started just behind Rachel's home, and she only had minutes to grab a few things. Her instinct was to grab her photos and memorabilia, but she panicked briefly when she realized her most precious memories were all over her home in boxes, picture frames, and albums. She grabbed what she could and headed to safety with her family. Thankfully, after many days of worry, it was safe to return home and to the memories she had to leave behind. She committed then to protecting her family's memories and preventing stress and potential heartache in the future.

Is There a Need for a Professional Photo Organizer?

While it's true that you can organize it yourself, we know how stressful it can be. Especially if there's so much that you don't even know where to start. It's not easy, it's time-consuming and expensive (a scanner costs $600, a VHS converter + software can run you $75, etc).

As accredited photo organizers, we are trained to handle your memories and do it at a scale that is both fast and efficient and unmatched quality. Yes, you can find services to send in your slides or digitize a few old photos, but we are a comprehensive service that truly organizes all your memories in one place so that you can find them no matter what medium. We also offer in-home consults and are local to San Diego, meaning your photos are never shipped or lost.

Protecting Your Memories So They Never Get Lost

Here, at 2000 Paces, we are an entire team dedicated to finding the best solutions for organizing and protecting your memorabilia. Everyone's memories are unique, so we strive to offer a personalized system for each of our customers based on what their ideal photo library would look like.

Our services include a photo management plan that is uniquely designed with your photo organizing goals in mind and provides an outline with the strategy to get your collection of memories organized, backed up, and available to enjoy anytime, digital and print photos organizing, digitizing old photos as well as specially designed photo books. So we invite you to get started today! You walk the journey. We protect the memories.

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