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Organizing Your Photos – A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

Rachel Arbuckle | 28th December, 2021 | 2 Mins Read

Organizing Your Photos – A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

"I'll get to it, eventually." That's what they all say... 'Fess up. You've said that year after year. But you haven't gotten to it, right?

Today, do something that your future self will thank you for. (So will your kids.)

At the end of this year, you can glide into the next one knowing that you accomplished something huge. A project that has been on your list forever.

A worry that you will no longer have every time the Santa Ana winds pick up or you find a leak in your house.

Organize Your Memories So You Can Keep Them Safe and Share Them

How good would it feel to finally have that 800-pound gorilla off your back? In my client's words:

"I see hope where before I was overwhelmed and I couldn't see any way of muddling through that mess. I have somebody to call who knows what they are doing. It feels like all of the photos and everything associated with the photos are organized and it appears that there is an easy way forward. It's very reassuring. It feels like the photos are useful now."

Before working with us, they "had a hodgepodge all over our house in many boxes and had such anxiety about it." Trying to organize them, "I would get so overwhelmed that I just boxed them back up. It was a mountain to climb and there was no starting point to the mountain."

Sound familiar? This couple has four adult children and wanted to make sure their memories were safely passed down. That means their photos and memorabilia had to be safe and easily accessible. They wanted to be able store, quickly find, and enjoy them.

A Simple, Clean, Organized Collection of Photos That Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone

The Hurdles?

  • The overwhelming number of photos all over the place
  • The associated feeling of anxiety
  • Multiple kids means you can't just sort them by individual
  • Don't want to duplicate photos to make sure every kid has them because the goal is to simplify

The Solution?

  • Toss or separate any duplicates or photos that don't tell the story
  • Organize chronologically because that's how we live our lives
  • Use smart file naming and facial recognition
  • Use keywords to identify categories and events

The Result?

  • A secure, backed-up online system that houses the family's journey
  • All family members can simply search by name, date, event, or type of photo and find exactly what they are looking for

Is this the year that you take a chaotic, stressful mess and turn it into a gift for your children? It may look simple but there is so much complexity and consideration to take. Maybe that's why you haven't gotten it done, yet!

You know what is simple? Calling me today to talk about how I can just take this off your plate already.

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