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Protect Your Photos and Memorabilia During Fire Season

Rachel Arbuckle | 20th April, 2022 | 1 Mins Read

Protect Your Photos and Memorabilia During Fire Season

The fear of losing precious memories is paramount among fire victims, and it's actually what inspired the creation of 2000 Paces. In September of 2014, a fire ravaged through Rachel's neighborhood.

Her family and pets were evacuated safely, and after six days of worry, they returned to their home, spared from loss.

Some people in her community, however, not only lost their home but a lifetime of heirlooms and memories.

Out of these ashes, a thoughtful business grew to help others avoid the anxiety that Rachel felt in 2014.

Steps to Get Your Photos Protected

As we rapidly approach another fire season, take a moment to evaluate your inventory of photos.

Are they protected from loss or damage in a wildfire?

Since the frequency and intensity of fires increases in Southern California, we encourage you to take measures to protect your photos and memorabilia.

Steps to get you started:

  • Gather your memories - gather all your photos, memorabilia, home movies, and digital media into one location and inventory your collection in categories
  • Prep - designate an area in your home to work and gather tools, such as sorting boxes, sticky notes, and a formatted external hard drive
  • Organize - separate items based on certain criteria, such as decade, year, event, or person
  • Digitize and convert - scan your print photos, memorabilia, and slides using the appropriate settings (such as resolution) for your goals. Convert home movies to a digital format
  • Storage and backup - store your print inventory in archival boxes that are in one location and easy to gather and transport, if needed. Backup your digital collection on an external hard drive and on an offsite cloud-based location

Schedule a complimentary consultation today to discuss your specific project.

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