Reliving Old Memories Together Strengthens Family Bonds

Posted on 7th March, 2022

The other day a client said to me: "You know, the thing about memories is that unless we're reminded of them we often forget them. Having these photos is a reminder to my kids of all the things that we as moms do for them. It's a reminder to them of all the wonderful experiences that they had."

I've been thinking about how powerful that is. As parents, we often feel that we aren't doing enough.

We comfort, help with homework, cheer from the sidelines.

We drive them (endlessly!) to activities, trot them around the globe, and keep them fed, warm, and in one piece. And then we fall into bed feeling that we still somehow haven't done enough.

It's easy to feel that no one sees all that we do. The invisible work that happens while they play, learn, socialize, and sleep. And sometimes we might feel resentful or not valued. But when we look back and see all that we have provided, something shifts.

Life is full of happy times and some not-so-happy times. And we are there for all of it! We make it possible for our kids to experience the world and grow into their best selves.

When we look at old photos we're reminded of it all. Have you ever scrolled back through the photos on your phone and been amazed at how much you did? It's shocking! We live in such an incredible time, with conveniences and opportunities our ancestors wouldn't believe.

All of Your Memories Are Now at Your Fingertips

You could easily show your kids all the places they don't remember because they were too little:

  • the birthday parties
  • soccer tournaments
  • recitals
  • trips to the zoo
  • first waves
  • holidays at grandma's

They could also see the way you held their tiny hand as they learned to walk, the favorite playgrounds, the trip to the Grand Canyon, the seasickness of a whale watching tour. Maybe you'd notice the pride on your face or the laughter in your eyes. Because as hard as you've worked, it's also been so much fun.

Believe it or not, your family knows how much you've done for them. They love you for it! I hope you love yourself for it, too. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. There's no easier way to do that than reliving old memories. Take some time right now to look through some photos and maybe include your kids if they're around.

Just try not to lose track of time as you go down the rabbit hole of happy times! And if you want a photo book of times spent with your kids, we can help you with that. You can never have too many reminders for what a good parent you are!