Why Choose A Photo Organizing Service

Posted on 28th January, 2020

Most of us have at least a few shoeboxes, legal boxes, or maybe even an attic of treasured, but haphazardly placed, family photos, memorabilia, home videos stored on outdated media, slides, and unsorted duplicate prints. Accumulating alongside the boxes is also an overwhelming feeling or nagging guilt that we haven't yet tackled this project because we are already unbelievably busy. So these memories stay hidden for years or even decades...

That's where organizing services like 2000 Paces come in, helping you reconnect with your memories, protecting them and sharing them with friends and family.

What Is a Photo Organizing Service

Everybody enjoys taking pictures, be it of important moments in our lives, things we find beautiful or just things we want to remember or share with others. And of course, looking back on these immortalized moments always puts a smile on our faces. But when our collection starts getting completely disorganized, it can become a source of stress rather than joy, especially with technology advancing the way it does making it so much easier to take pictures.

The photo organizing service basically means coming up with a system to sort and organize photos, tailored to each client's needs. Once you select a photo organizer, you will have a consultation, where they walk you through every step of your unique organizational process while taking account of your preferences. Working with a professional means that you get help from someone with experience who can guide you and show you techniques that can help you continue to keep a good system as your photo collection continues to grow.

Professional photo organizers can help you with older media such as film negatives and home movie tapes, as well as with old pictures that need digitizing.

From large to small projects we listen to your goals from wanting a chronologically sorted and beautifully restored set of prints, searchable digital files with facial recognition a wedding slideshow to surprise your best friend or maybe a video playback book for Dad. Through our 3-step phase, we help you make sense of your collections of photos, then develop and implement a plan and get started.

How Photo Organizing Works

We provide a variety of services to help you achieve your vision for your important collection of photographic memories:

  • Organize your print photos, digital photos, and memorabilia
  • Digitize (sort, order, eliminate duplicates, and create a meaningful file naming system) digital photos, memorabilia, videotapes, reels, and slides.
  • Create photo books, photo slideshows, and movies.
  • Workshops providing hands-on training for DIYers to better manage their photos
  • Speaking Events hosted by Rachel Arbuckle, a certified member of the Association of Professional Photo Organizers.

Why Do You Need a Professional

As much as we like to pride in our organizing skills, sometimes things are just too overwhelming to deal with. Now the best thing we can do is sit back and hand the workload over to professionals knowing our treasures are in best hands.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional to sort through your photos and set up a strong system that will be useful for years to come.

But in case you're not just yet convinced, here are some of the perks you get:

  • You save a lot of time - and with how fast things are moving around us, it's nice to have some extra time for yourself.
  • You get durable solutions that can help you continue to enjoy having all your pictures in one place and finding everything you search for super easy.
  • You get to revive old media and have them incorporated in new technologies, as a professional organizer also helps digitize your pictures.
  • You can protect your collection and make sure it won't ever get lost, destroyed or forgotten!

If you want to try our service or simply learn more about it, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll help you understand all there is to know about successfully organizing your memorabilia and find the perfect solution for your needs and preferences.