A gift just for you

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  • A secure family photo website, custom designed just for you.
  • 1 year of unlimited photo storage.
  • Your family's organized photo collection uploaded.

How to claim your gift

Step 01

Let's get started!

Submit an interest form before Dec. 31, 2021. Someone on our team will be in contact soon to learn more about your project and collect information.

Step 02

Gather assets

Locate all of your precious memories - photo albums, old video tapes, the photos on your old phones and computers... your goal is to get them all together in one place. We'll take care of the rest.

Step 03

Submit Payment

Submit payment for your 20 hour package before March 2022.

Step 04

Safe and Organized

The final step is a 30 minute personalized video call to provide an overview of your preserved and organized collection. We can't wait for you to enjoy all of your memories, safe and together. You can then focus on making more memories instead of worrying about them.

We can help you spend less time worrying about your memories and more time making them

the fine print

  1. This holiday special applies when you purchase a 20 hour package at the standard hourly rate.
  2. An interest form must be submitted BEFORE December 31, 2021. Any submissions received after this date will not qualify for this special promotion. Take advantage while you can!
  3. Your project is as unique as the memories you've collected! The 20 hour package is a standard starting point, but the total hours required for a project may vary depending on the volume, and current state of your collection. Once you have submitted your interest form, and gathered your collection, we can get a better idea of what to expect. You will schedule a free consultation to evaluate your inventory of memories and we will build a plan together.

Photo Organizing 101

Photo Organizing services are a solution that transform your chaotic mess of photos, videos, and more, into an organized preserved collection that's easy to share and enjoy.


Collect your memories.

Over the years, our memories end up scattered in different places- print photos in albums, old cassette tapes, phones, memory cards, and more!


Relax, we'll make sense of the mess.

Through the use of our refined process, we will organize your collection, transforming it from chaos into a comprehensive collection that reflects your journey.


All of your memories together in one place.

A beautiful, custom designed, website will store your precious memories. Searching for a memory is easier than ever before. Just search by keyword and every relevant photo will appear.

Before & After

Take a look at how else we can help you!

  • Import and organize photos from Apple Libraries
  • Add Facial Recognition for family and friends
  • Convert home movies to digital
  • Scrapbook, photo book, and large print high quality scanning
  • Premium photo book design
  • Photo restoration
  • Ongoing monthly maintenance - we will keep your photos organized!


Is the photo site easy to use? I'm not good with technology.

We make it easy! Included in your project is a dedicated, one-on-one training session to walk you through the ins-and-outs of your site. We want you to take advantage of everything your site offers.

How will you get access to my photos?

We utilize a dedicated and secure server to gather information safely in order to complete your project.

Who will be working on my project?

We have a well-trained and very talented team of photo managers that will treat your precious memories with the utmost care. Privacy is not something we take lightly- everyone on our team also signs an NDA for all client projects.

Where does all of "the stuff" go?

We have a separate folder called "for review" so that you can decide if you truly want to keep or delete those assets.

What is the turnaround time?

After we securely receive all of your assets, our turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Depending on your specific project size this may change, but we will be in contact with you through the entire process. You will receive weekly updates outlining the progress being made on your project.


Time, dust, light, wild fires, flooding, leaks... the list of threats goes on.

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