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Are you leveraging your smugmug account as well as you could be?

2000 Paces Photo Organizing can help you see the potential! We will organize, declutter and rename your photos and videos within your SmugMug account. The end result will be a curated collection within SmugMug for each year and/or event created!

Imagine being able to instantly view your images in an organized way within SmugMug!

The Steps

Step 01

Let's get started!

After you "Say yes!", we will send you a brief intake form, which will provide us information on how we can begin to transform your digital collection!

Step 02

Gather assets

Next, you will safely authenticate your SmugMug account through our secure portal. Your precious memories will be in wonderful hands!

Step 03

Organize & Re-upload

This is where the magic happens! Our talented photo managers organize, sort, cleanup the "stuff", remove duplicates and create an organized collection of the photos & videos currently on your SmugMug account.

Step 04


The final step is a 30 minute personalized video call to provide an overview of your refreshed and organized collection. We can't wait to share how to maintain this system moving forward so you can get out there and

smugmug perks partnership special pricing


The ability to view your organized SmugMug galleries and make it work even better for you!

A total value of $500!



We can help you spend less time worrying about your memories and more time making them

the fine print

  1. This special SmugMug Perk applies to your first 5,000 photos & videos. Additional packages can be purchased, or reach out to us for a custom plan.
  2. The “stuff” includes items that we don’t think tell your story and may include: screenshots, memes, documents, photos of your lunch or that fabric you wanted for the new curtains. These items are not deleted, but are moved to a folder so you can review them. We realize these are your memories and there may be a photo that we move here that you absolutely want in your collection. This process provides you comfort knowing that we are not deleting photos that may be important to you. You can then review these items, at your leisure, and delete or move them. Videos are renamed and transferred back (these will not be moved to a delete/review folder).

Before & After

We will rename your files to something that makes sense!

Take a look at how else we can help you!

  • Import and organize photos from Apple Library
  • Add Facial Recognition for primary family members
  • Create a SmugMug account for a family member
  • Full SmugMug site design
  • Print Photo Organizing Starter Kit
  • Ongoing monthly maintenance - we will keep your photos organized!

inquire for costs


How many digital assets come in this package? And what if i have more?

Up to 5,000 items. Contact us to create a custom package if you have additional items.

How will you get access to my photos?

We utilize a dedicated and secure server to gather information safely in order to complete your project.

Who will be working on my project?

We have a well-trained and very talented team of photo managers that will treat your precious memories with the utmost care.

Where does all of "the stuff" go?

We have a separate folder called "for review" so that you can decide if you truly want to keep or delete those assets.

What is the turnaround time?

After we securely receive all of your digital assets, our turnaround time is approximately 3 business days. Depending on your specific project size this may change, but we will clearly communicate with you as we begin to work together.

Who is 2000 paces photo organizing?

We are a San Diego, CA based photo organizing company passionate about providing authentic, compassionate solutions to transform the chaos of photos and memorabilia into an organized, preserved collection that can be easily shared and enjoyed for generations.

"Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow"

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