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How 2000 Paces Can Help You Improve Your SmugMug Account

Rachel Arbuckle | 1st March, 2022 | 3 Mins Read

How 2000 Paces Can Help You Improve Your SmugMug Account

As a paid image-sharing website, photo hosting service, and online video platform on which people can upload their content, SmugMug has been around since 2002. It also facilitates digital and print media sales for professional and amateur photographers.

However, most people use SmugMug to store their photos and videos, as it is a convenient way of doing so, with the platform providing a safe place where all their personal content can be stored. To improve the services offered by the company, we decided to enter a partnership with SmugMug, which is bound to make the experience of photo and video storing and sharing tremendously better.

The Perks of Using SmugMug and Our Services Together

When using websites such as SmugMug, the majority of people do not invest a lot of time in arranging their photos and videos, which usually results in a chaotic and tangled collection. This is understandable, as users have more important things to take care of than making sure their photo and video collection is properly organized. Nevertheless, if you are someone who uses SmugMug and would like to get more from it, such as having your content ordered chronologically, then the services of the 2000 Paces team are for you!

By virtue of our partnership with SmugMug, we can now organize, declutter, and rename your photos and videos in your personal account. The result will undoubtedly surprise you - a curated and comprehensive collection within SmugMug for each year or event created. Ultimately, you will be able to instantly view your content organized within SmugMug. If we have sparked your interest in the services 2000 Paces can offer to your SmugMug account, you can benefit from our assistance by following these steps:

  • after you click the "Say Yes!" button on the SmugMug page, we will send you a brief intake form in which you can explain how you want your photo and video collection to be organized and transformed
  • subsequently, we will ask you to authenticate your SmugMug account through our safe portal so that we can have access to your precious memories
  • during this step, which is the most complex, our talented and experienced team will sort, clean up the 'stuff', remove duplicates, and create a fully organized collection of the photos and videos that are currently on your SmugMug account
  • lastly, we will have a 30-minute video call with you during which you will see our final version of your SmugMug collection arranged, and if you are not content with something, we will quickly fix it so that you can enjoy your content in a new way

What 2000 Paces Will Do to Your SmugMug Content

The 'stuff' we have previously mentioned refers to screenshots, memes, documents, photos of your lunch, and other content that you might not consider relevant but that is still on your SmugMug account.

Do not worry - we will not delete it. Our team will just put it in a separate folder so that you can decide whether you keep it or which photos or videos from it you keep. We can offer you our services along with SmugMug for 5,000 photos and videos, but if you want us to organize more content, we will gladly do it for additional payment.

Perhaps one of the things you will appreciate the most about purchasing this service, which you can get at $299, is the fact that our team will take the time to carefully name each and every photo and video on your SmugMug account so that you will be able to find what you need more easily. Consequently, instead of a series of letters or numbers appearing as the name of a photo or video, there will be titles such as "2016 01 May 23 Family Dinner." Not only will this simplify the service provided by SmugMug, but it will also make the content you have on your account seem more personal.

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