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Our Holiday Package, The Ideal Gift for Your Family

Rachel Arbuckle | 3rd December, 2021 | 4 Mins Read

Our Holiday Package, The Ideal Gift for Your Family

Whether they are religious or cultural in nature, holidays are meant to bring together families and encourage celebration and gratitude.

They also involve spending quality time with the people you love and offering gifts.

Because so many gift ideas have become cliche and overdone, you might be at a loss about what to gift your parents or grandparents next Christmas or Thanksgiving.

However, this should not be a cause for concern anymore, as we have got your back! With our special holiday package, you can pleasantly surprise and deeply move your loved ones, as they are unique and contain snapshots of the most treasured memories you shared.

Flipping through the pictures together in a relaxing and warm atmosphere will make all of you take a trip down memory lane and realize how time has changed you as individuals, as well as as a family. It will also unite you, making up for the time you spent apart from each other, and leave your family with a gift they will always value and appreciate. They can also show the photos to other relatives and to their friends and will have a safe place to keep their most special memories instead of having them scattered throughout old photo albums, CDs, camera film, phones they do not use anymore, and old computers.

What Does Our Holiday Package Include?

Our 20-hour package for holidays is comprised of a secure family photo website designed just for you, one year of unlimited photo storage, and your family's organized photo collection uploaded on a website only you can access. To benefit from our 20-hour package, you have to follow the next steps:

  • contact our team and express your interest in purchasing it, and we will collect the necessary data from you to list you as a client
  • gather all your precious memories from everywhere they currently are, from old phones and computers to CDs and camera film, taking enough time to check everywhere so as not to miss a source of amazing memories
  • submit your photo collection along with your payment for our 20-hour package
  • during the last step, we will ask you to partake in a 30-minute video call during which you will view our final version of your organized collection of photos, but we will have a thorough consultation with you to know whether you want us to make any adjustments or changes to it

It is very important to know that the 20-hour package is only a starting point, as the total hours required for working on a project can vary depending on the volume and current state of your collection. Nevertheless, once we receive your interest form and your photo collection, we can get a realistic idea of what to expect. Subsequently, you will have to schedule a free consultation to assess your inventory of memories, and we will build a plan together.

Why Our Holiday Package Is the Perfect Gift for Your Family

Photo organizing services are a very effective solution for your chaotic mess of photos, videos, and other memorabilia. After our highly-skilled, talented, and experienced team evaluates your memories collection, you and your family will be able to enjoy a preserved and organized compendium that is easy to share. We specialize in photo digitalization and enhancement, which will bring your old memories to life so that you can vividly relive them as often as you want.

Our holiday package includes a personalized website just for you, from where you can access your photos and videos with ease through keyword searching. This will make every relevant photo or video appear, and you can look at it or watch it. If you still doubt that our holiday package is the ideal gift for your family during a special time of the year, here are more reasons to convince you:

  • photographs are gifts that last, and they capture the most important things in life - love, family, friendship, joy - ultimately, the simplicity of enjoying the moment with loved ones
  • photographs represent experiences with deep meaning, not objects that you are temporarily excited about, so when you are gifting someone a collection of photos, you are offering the person a series of experiences they can come back to whenever they feel like it
  • photographs often commemorate a special experience or person, and they can serve as a visual reminder of past good times

Therefore, if you truly want to surprise and get a pleasant emotional reaction out of your beloved family members, our holiday package will make the perfect gift. Because the 20-hour package also contains videos and other memorabilia collected over decades, you and your family will feel nostalgia to a greater extent, as you will be able to re-experience the past and realize how grateful you are for having each other in your lives.

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