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Why a Unique Photo Book Can Be the Coolest Graduation Gift

Rachel Arbuckle | 25th February, 2022 | 4 Mins Read

Why a Unique Photo Book Can Be the Coolest Graduation Gift

As one of the greatest milestones in the life of a person, graduation represents a time of completion, a successful end to a challenging yet beautiful era full of hard work, emotions, and new experiences. The years of being a young adult often coincide with those spent striving to achieve higher education, a time during which character and personality develop by virtue of the opportunities and obstacles the person is facing, as well as by virtue of the wide and diverse range of people they encounter and sometimes befriend.

Undoubtedly, graduation is of utmost importance both to the person who has reached this point in their life and to their loved ones. Oftentimes, family members - mostly parents - want to give the graduate a unique, enduring gift that will always be a reminder of their academic journey and of their life before it. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps one of the best graduation gifts you can offer your child is a custom photo book full of heartwarming memories. It is bound to be a constant reminder of the progress they have made during the years and the changes they went through.

Our Custom Photo Books Will Deeply Move Your Graduate Child

Not only will a unique photo book signify a collection of special memories for the graduate, but it will also show how their parents have incessantly and supportively been involved during their evolution and throughout their journey of becoming a young adult. The team of 2000 Paces can make exquisite photo books for graduates tailored specifically to meet your requirements. We are very flexible, as we have nearly 20 years of experience in this field, so we can come up with a solution to any of your requests that will satisfy your demands.

The core mission of 2000 Paces is to provide authentic, compassionate solutions and transform the chaos of photos and memorabilia into organized, preserved collections that can be shared and enjoyed for generations. To customize a photo book for your graduate child, these are the steps you will have to follow:

  • click on the "Let's get started!" button, and we will send you a mail with everything you need to know about the process
  • scan everything you would like to be included in the photo book - from old photos and graduations photos to letters with sentimental value and other special memorabilia - and send it to our team
  • alternatively, you can send the photos you want to be scanned to our team, and we will do this job for you for $0.49 per photo or letter
  • we will present you with a digital copy of your photo book so that you can decide whether it requires improvements or changes or it remains the same and offer you two rounds of edits that will not cost you extra
  • once you decide on the final version and the design, cover fabric, font, and color, we will send the photo book to you as soon as possible

The Benefits of Gifting Your Graduate Child a Custom Photo Book

If some photos require enhancement, we can do this too once we have your consent. Our team is highly skilled in photo editing and organizing. We can also scan your photos, letters, slides, or negatives if you are not very tech-savvy or if you want to ensure the photo book will come out perfect. The 2000 Paces team guarantees that your graduate child will be excited and overwhelmed with emotion upon receiving your gift, as it:

  • shows their accomplishments and the milestones they have achieved over the years
  • expresses how proud you are of their achievements and of how far they have come
  • offers your child a gift with sentimental value that they can show to their future family
  • they will feel appreciated by you as you put effort into making the photo book
  • your child will be able to share old memories and letters with their new friends

The 2000 Paces Team Will Design the Perfect Photo Book for Your Graduate Child

Regardless of how intricate or complex you want your photo book to be, we will gladly meet your request and maybe even exceed your expectations, as we have been creating custom photo books for nearly two decades, during which we have been keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Offering your graduate child a unique photo book will be, without a doubt, the coolest gift you can give them, as it is very personal and intimate. It will contain the most treasured memories you have together, as well as the original letters you have exchanged.

If you wish to order a photo book from 2000 Paces, we invite you to contact us and describe what exactly you want. Afterward, we will strive to create exactly what you requested, and if it needs adjustments, there is no cause for concern! You have two free rounds of edits, during which you can ask us to make whatever changes you desire to the photo book. When you decide on the final version, we will try to move as fast as possible with shipping it to you so that you can have it just in time to gift it to your beloved child.

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