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Wedding Stories and Bridal Party Gifts That Last Forever

Rachel Arbuckle | 21st March, 2022 | 2 Mins Read

Wedding Stories and Bridal Party Gifts That Last Forever

Your wedding day isn't just about that "Kodak" moment of "Insta-worthy" dresses, "Pinterest-perfect" bouquets, and tearful first dances. It's a celebration of the journey you took to find each other.

It's a day that you'll never forget because two stories became one (which go on to become so many more), a day that becomes frozen in time because it runs the credits of your first life (while rolling the opening scenes of your new one).

After the "I do"s are exchanged and champagne glasses emptied you will start your new adventure as a couple, as one. And so much has come before. Your family who raised you. Your friends who held you. Your triumphs and your struggles. Those you loved and those you lost. Everything led you to this love, this life. And those are the moments that your future will build upon.

These are stories that deserve to be passed down from your parents (and in-laws), through you (and your fiance), and into your future family.

2000 Paces Can Make Your Special Day More Meaningful

Those old photos in your mom's (and soon-to-be mom-in-law's) closet, your grandmother's faded albums, the images in the cloud- they just need to be sorted and organized.

But wait - you have cake tastings and dress fittings and invitation mailings to do. And that's waaaaay more fun!

Let us sort through all your old memories while you make new ones.

It's as easy as:

  • drop off your piles of pictures and videos at our office (you can ship, too)
  • we organize, label, and protect your memories from damage and time
  • you get back an organized system that you can easily use to find photos and drop new memories into as your life grows

Your loved ones share your history and your future. As you look forward together, take a few moments to look back and appreciate how far you've come. Congratulations on your engagement! And don't forget about the little extras you need for your wedding:

We make this time in your life as simple and as meaningful as it can be.

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