Digital Organization

Our goal is to organize and rename your photos chronologically, sorting them in folders by year (while grouping non-dated photos by theme), so that you can easily find and enjoy your collection.

We aim to reduce clutter by removing duplicates and cleaning up the “stuff” that doesn’t tell your story.

Your collection is preserved on an external hard drive and can be backed up on a customized online photo site, safeguarding your precious memories from accidents and natural disasters.


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Select a Package*

We offer four different packages based on the level of organization that aligns best with your goals for your collection.

Package 1 Package 4 Package 3 Concierge
$2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $10,000+
Rename Files Based on Date Taken
Retain Folder Names
Sort Dated Photos Chronologically
Remove Exact Duplicates
Group Non-Dated Photos by Theme
Identify Major Holidays
Remove Duplicates of Different Sizes or File Type
Cleanup Screenshots and Documents
Facial Recognition - Immediate Family
Facial Recognition - Extended Family and Friends
Identify Milestone Events (Birthdays, Graduations, etc.)
Identify Major Trips
Additional Grouping of Photos by Theme (Decor, Fashion, etc.)
Online Photo Site**
Additional Research on Undated Photos or Previous Scans
Curate the Best Photos from Events or Special Interest

*Package 1 = Up to 25,000 files; Package 2 = Up to 75,000 files; Package 3 = Up to 100,000 files; Concierge = Unlimited files. Every $5000 files over limit is $100/5,000 files.

**Online Photo Site included with Concierge services only. Can be added to any other package for $300.

A Typical Project

Now that Dan’s photos are consolidated into one location, we can begin the process of digitally organizing and preserving them.

Dan can see from the chart that all of our packages include:

Dan’s collection includes memes and screenshots that he wants excluded.

His family desires easy access to holiday and milestone event photos, such as birthdays, and he and his wife wish to identify their major trips.

Additionally, it’s crucial to identify immediate family and selected extended family members through facial recognition.

Given these needs, Package 3 is the ideal choice for Dan and his family.

Dan’s Photos Before

...And After!

Dan has gone from feeling disorganized and messy to relieved. Now, Dan can find the photos of his daughter simply by typing in her name in his beautiful online archive.

*Results may vary based on packages and unique goals.